— Frequently Asked Questions —

How to sharpen?

Place the blade at a 20º angle and slide it across all its length, one side and the other with a slight pressure.

After a long time and/or a lot of use, this operation will not be enough to “repair” the cutting power of your knife. So, you will have to go to a specialized store that will proceed with the grinding. This means that almost the entire surface of the blade will be ground, thus gaining a new cutting edge.

How to store?

Store your knives separately. They should be kept in a block to keep the blade from sustaining damage.

Use a wooden block in you kitchen counter and you will have your knifes in reach when needed.

How Maintain your Knives?

For a good cutting power, a knife must have a certain percentage of carbon in its composition. This feature predetermines that the blade, although called stainless, is not totally stain free. To increase significantly the life of your knives, it necessary certain cares.

After washing, dry them with a cloth and store them conveniently.

Do not use on hard surfaces, use a plastic or wooden board.

Depending on the material of the handle, it might require special attention. If it is wood, you can apply a natural oil from time to time.

Why a colour code?

Certain laws for hotel and restaurant industries do not allow the contamination of flavours between ingredients of different types. The solution was to use a colour code where each colour is for a certain type of ingredient.

Red – raw meat
Brown – tubers
Yellow – cooked ingredients
Blue – fish
Green – vegetables
White – pastry