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About Us

JERO was born in 1983 by the hands of António Jorge and António Ramalho. The founders audacity came from decades of experience in cutlery, one of the most traditional activities in Benedita, where the company was born and grew.

Along with a highly skilled team with decades of accumulated experience, at Jero we have always had high standards when choosing materials, leading to the extreme efficiency and quality of the knives produced every single day in our facilities. No wonder that our knives have crossed borders and arrived overseas in such a short period.

Germany was our first international customer, and many other countries followed. Nowadays, JERO exports to such diverse markets as the USA, the Nordic countries, France, Russia or Lithuania, and has proudly established strong and long-lasting commercial bonds with our customers.

Having started as a small family business, Jero grew year after year, focusing on sustainability. Currently, the company employs close to a hundred workers. A team determined to make the best knives and cutlery utensils for kitchen and industry, providing an effective response to customers needs and challenges.

Without neglecting the traditional methods that make Portuguese cutlery so valued and well-known worldwide, Jero looks forward to the future. That’s why it focuses on innovation, attention to detail and design, as well as on environmental and resource sustainability.


Cutlery production with high standards in quality and reliability, ensuring the satisfaction of customers, users, employees and the society in which we operate, promoting respect for the principles of ethics and sustainability.


Suiting our products to market needs, we aim to achieve recognition and full satisfaction of our customers. We want to balance our position in the market, increasing sales of our brand, making JERO a recognized brand in the international market.


– Customer focus –
– Quality and know-how –
– Confidentiality, exclusivity and integrity –
– Innovation & design –
– Compliance with environment –
– Sustained growth –
Our Factory

At JERO’s factory more than 1.5 million pieces are produced annually. 98% of these go to more than two dozen countries, proudly bearing the “Made in Portugal” seal.

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